Say goodbye to the days of asking Facebook for that Chinese menu…

It’s Saturday evening. You’ve had a long day having been to the supermarkets and you can’t be arsed to cook tonight. You begin craving a Chinese and so head to the drawer where you keep all the junk that you get posted through your door.

You scramble to find that menu but you realise you do not have it. You have to do that dreaded post on Facebook, asking if anyone can take a photograph of that menu you so wish for.

No more will you have to do this. This website contains menus from as many restaurants or takeaways as possible. Just use the navigation menus to either browse to your chosen restaurant by town or look alphabetically.

Please note: As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, restaurants & takeaways may change their menu items, prices and opening hours without notice. Only use the menus on this site as a rough guide and check to avoid disappointment. If you are a restaurant/takeaway owner and wish to add or update your menu, please get in touch.

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